MINIMAC® 50 & 55

MINIMAC® 50 & 55

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Economic, Single-Channel Eddy Current (ECT) Testers For Simple Inspection of Continuous Product

  • Affordable, compact ECT testers offer high performance at a low cost.
  • Both designs operate at speeds over 4000 f.p.m., take up less space, and do
    not require cooling.
  • Detect short surface and some subsurface defects in tube, bar, wire and rod.
  • Designed with software controls for all functions including phasing,
    filtering and sensitivity.
  • Full-color polar and linear monitor displays of real time, true wave form signals.
  • Enable on-site or remote location review.

With the Minimac 50 and Minimac 55, you no longer have to sacrifice performance for price.



- MAC’s proprietary Multimac® software.
- High performance, low cost.
- Broad frequency range - 1 KHz to 5 MHz.
- Configure for Flaw or Absolute mode for use with encircling or sector coils.
- Sensitivity, phase & filter easily set on screen while viewing full color polar & linear display of real time, true wave form signals.
- Relay output from active threshold signal.
- Use with MAC test coils & platforms, including DC saturation CP’s for testing magnetic material.
- CE Compliant


- Inspect wire, tube and parts
- Detect laps, slivers, cracks
- Detect weld line faults, including short ID or OD defects.
- Test magnetic and non magnetic grades.
- Operate at speeds up to 4000 f.p.m.
- Check continuity & locate welds in single & multi-conductor insulated wire and cable.
- Detect Magnetic Inclusions with optional MID version of Minimac.



CHANNELS One test channel. Software configurable as Flaw (Differential), or Absolute for use with
Encircling or Sector Coils.
TEST FREQUENCY 1KHz to 5 MHz. 20 pre-selected frequencies, or user selection of any specific frequency.
FLAW BANDWIDTH Variable up to 5 KHz.
FILTERS High Pass, Low Pass, Band Pass and Out.
Fixed filter positions adjustable from 0.1 Hz to 5000 Hz flaw frequency.
The bandwidth of the BP filter can be selected through a “Q” factor dictating the ratio of high
to low pass filters.
PHASE 0 - 359º, calibrated in 1º steps.


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