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Uji coba Fluks Leux Rotoflux® Multiplex Electronics-Magnetic Leetet yang memberikan teknologi, performa dan fleksibilitas unggulan.


Nondestructive Flux Leakage Test Systems That Accurately Show Defects in Heavy Wall Magnetic Tubing

  • Accurately tests oil country tubular goods (OCTG), bars and parts at test speeds up to 700 FPM.
  • Offers 24 separate channels for longitudinal and 48 channels for transverse defect detection.
  • LRFX rotaries use transverse magnetism to find longitudinal defects such as seams, laps and weld line defects.
  • TRFX rotaries use longitudinal magnetization and provide 100% surface coverage to detect transverse defects.
  • Both rotary types detect pits, scabs, slivers, gouges, roll-ins, cracks and holes depending on defect orientation.
  • Differentiates between OD and ID defects.
  • Detects longitudinal and transverse defects as small as 5% on OD and ID, depending upon material type and condition.
  • System provides 100% surface coverage to detect transverse defects.
  • Systems are available to test up to 500mm diameter and 19mm wall thickness tubes.