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Comparator Produksi VI adalah instrumen uji berbasis Windows® yang menggunakan teknik elektromagnetik frekuensi rendah untuk memeriksa bahan magnetik untuk variasi karakteristik fisik.


Detects Variations in Alloy, Heat Treatment or Case Depth

  • Rapid sorting of ferromagnetic parts.
  • Offers choice of Polar (Vector) or Lissajou screen displays.
  • Inspect tubes or bars at production line speeds.
  • Choose any one of 10 pre-set frequencies from 10 Hz to 150 Hz.
  • Optional 8-channel multi-frequency software is available.
  • System can be set up and monitored on site or used via computer at a remote location.
  • Monitor presentation provides simultaneous display of the “standard” piece and test piece waveforms for easy comparison.
  • Test parameters, including filter, sensitivity, index gate and visible threshold levels, are selected using the keyboard or mouse while observing the effects on the display monitor.
  • All functions and test setup parameters in software can also be accessed through a computer LAN network.
  • Unlimited test setups can be stored on the hard drive for easy recall.