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Variasi Nodularitas, sejenis struktur grafit yang dapat berkembang selama proses produksi, dapat mengurangi kecepatan gelombang suara yang melewati komponen otomotif yang sedang diuji. Echomac VM mengukur kecepatan suara dan, dengan menggunakan batasan yang diketahui, laporkan apakah bagian tersebut dapat diterima.


Assesses Nodularity in Ductile Iron Cast Automotive Components

  • Ultrasonic velocity measurement provides an industry accepted, reliable means of testing the integrity of automotive parts.
  • Echomac®VM evaluates velocity, thickness or flaw detection.
  • Operates with either full immersion or bubbler couplant technology.
  • Enables the testing of two parts simultaneously–from separate test stations—using only one instrument.
  • Standard configuration features two channels for Velocity and two for Flaw testing, with the option to add four additional Flaw channels.
  • Industrial hardened I/O connections are protected from the environment.