Digital Micro Vickers Hardness Tester TB-MCV-1

Digital Micro Vickers Hardness Tester NOVOTEST TB-MCV-1 implements direct Vickers method of hardness testing in accordance with ISO 6507-2 and ASTM E384.


Hardness tester has a large contrast display. The device is handy and easy to set up and operate.

Hardness tester has a large LCD screen with easy operating menu. The device is equipped with built-in printer.

NOVOTEST TC-MCV-1 has optical microscope for measuring the obtained diagonals of the imprints.  Hardness values are calculated fully automatically, no manual tables are used. Operator sees ready hardness value on LCD screen.

Hardness tester has such function as: automatic hardness calculation, storage, display, printing of results and conversion of hardness value to different scales.

This machine can be used as metallographic microscope tissue, when it can match with computer, install the CCD camera and PC software. The hardness tester can become micro hardness meter using image processing. Its function is very powerful, which is the ideal test instrument nowadays.


Micro Vickers hardness tester is used for high precision testing of:

  • carburized layer, ceramic, steel, non-ferrous metals;
  • sheet, metal foil, plating, fine specimen, surface hardened layers;
  • coatings, nitride layer;
  • carburized layer and hardened layer;
  • parallel surfaces;
  • thin and small objects, when use of other hardness testers is impossible.


  • Vickers: four-sided diamond pyramid (136 °)
  • HV0.01
  • HV0.025
  • HV0.05
  • HV0.1
  • HV0.2
  • HV0.3
  • HV0.5
  • HV1
Conversion scales
  • HRA
  • HRB
  • HRC
  • HRD
  • HRF
  • HV
  • HK
  • HBW
  • HR15N
  • HR30N
  • HR45N
  • HR15T
  • HR30T
  • HR45T
Testing load
  • 10gf (0.098N)
  • 25gf (0.245N)
  • 50gf (0.49N)
  • 100gf (0.98N)
  • 200gf (1.96N)
  • 300gf (2.94N)
  • 500gf(4.9N)
  • 1000gf (9.8N)
Hardness range 5-3000 HV
Measuring time 5~99 sec
Testing materials
  • Carburized layer, ceramic, steel, non-ferrous metals;
  • Sheet, metal foil, plating, fine specimen, surface hardened layers;
  • Coatings, nitride layer, the gradient measurement of carburized layer and hardened layer
  • Hardness measurement of thin and small objects
Max height of test sample 90 mm
Max depth of test sample 120 mm
Optical measuring system
  • Objective lenses: 10X, 40X
  • Eyepiece: 10X
  • Total magnification: 100X, 400X
  • Measuring range: 0-200µm
  • Index value: 0.25 µm
Data output
  • LCD display
  • Built-in printer
  • RS-232 interface
Body color
  • Blue
  • White
Recommended operating conditions
  • Air temperature: 0…+40 °С
  • Air pressure: 94 – 106.7 kPa
  • Humidity: up to 65%
Net weight 60 kg
Gross weight 70 kg
Package dimensions 580*410*870 mm (L*W*H)


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