Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo Flaw Detectors A1220


A compact handheld ultrasonic pulse velocity and pulse echo tester is designed for ultrasonic thickness measurements and flaw detection of concrete and reinforced concrete constructions and rocks.

The flaw detector represents an compact electronic unit is equipped with a large high-contrast TFT display and a keyboard.

Despite multifunctionality the instrument is easy to use due to its intuitive interface and icons menu providing quick access to main settings and functions of the instrument.

Ergonomic design of the flaw detector and its light weight (as little as 800 grams), as well as capability of fastening the electronic unit in the specialized pad, provide convenient operation of the instrument in hard-to-reach areas and allow its working at height.

All inspection results are recorded into the instrument’s memory and can be transferred via the USB-port to the external PC for further processing, registration and archivation



Using one low frequency dry point contact antenna array M2502 0.05A0R100Х60PS with shear wave and nominal frequency 50 kHz allows carrying out thickness measurement of the concrete objects up to 3 000 mm and reinforced concrete objects up to 600 mm.

The instrument allows to operator search for internal foreign inclusions, cavities, voids and cracks of the products and constructions made of reinforced concrete, stone and similar materials at one-sided access as well as search for embedded flaws of bronze castings.

It is possible to testing of the internal structure of the coarse-grained materials.

The results of inspection are slice and projection images by grid-scan function (B-Scan, C-Scan, D-Scan, thickness-profile) – visualization software INTROVIEW.


Maximal data acquisition length in mm (shear wave) 2150 mm
Maximal data acquisition length in μs 1600 μs
Maximal penetration depth (concrete grade 400) 600 mm
Minimal dimensions of cylindrical material flaw 30 mm
Number of A-scans, that can be saved in MAP mode 200
Maximal inspection square (MAP mode) 2 m2
Material velocity range 1 000 – 9 999 m/s
Transmitter pulse form Meander, 0.5÷5.0 periods
Pulse repetition rate 1 – 50 Hz
Receiver bandwidth 10 – 300 kHz
Gain setup range from 0 to 100 dB, step 1 dB
Number of the programmable points of DAC function 32
Dynamic range of DAC function 30 dB
Power supply Built-in battery
Operation time 14 h
Battery charging time 3 h
Operating temperature range from –20 to +45 ºC
Display type TFT (640 х 480)
Electronic unit dimesions 260 х 156 х 43 mm
Electronic unit weight 800 g
Dimensions of M2502 antenna array 139 х 105 х 89 mm
Weight of M2502 antenna array 1,1 kg

Delivery kit

• A1220 MONOLITH – ultrasonic flaw detector
• Antenna array М2502 0.05A0R100X60PS
• Double LEMO 00 – LEMO 00 cable 1,2 m
• USB A – Micro B cable
• Net adaptor with cable 220V-15V
• Carrying map-case
• Soft cover
• Case
• Visualization software INTROVIEW (3D tomographic imaging by grid-scan function, advanced visualization and analysis functionality
Slice and projection images by grid-scan function (B-Scan, C-Scan, D-Scan, thickness-profile)



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