Rebar Detector

Concrete Cover Meter NOVOTEST Rebar Detector is used to measure the thickness of the concrete cover, determine the location and estimate the diameter of rebar in reinforced concrete products in the conditions of enterprises, construction sites, buildings and structures in use.


Measuring the concrete cover of reinforced concrete structures is the main task of the Concrete Cover Meter NOVOTEST Rebar Detector.

Depending on the diameter of the rebars, the device allows user to measure the thickness of concrete with a specified accuracy of up to 170 mm.


With a special mode, the user can scan an object for the presence of an rebar and its position. If necessary, the operator can use the audible signaling of the rebar presence, which eliminates the need for constant monitoring of the device display.


The device has a special mode for assessing the diameter of the rebar, it is calculated during operations according to a special method during which the minimum distance to the rebar with and without a plate with a known thickness is measured, and the device calculates the expected diameter of the rebar using the correlation method.


The device is assembled in an ergonomic shock-resistant case, which allows it to be used in rather extreme conditions.


As a result of the modernization, the Concrete Cover Meter NOVOTEST Rebar Detector, in comparison with the previous generation, got:

  • dust, moisture and shockproof housing for industrial use in harsh environments
  • large contrast display
  • the ability to adjust the brightness and contrast of the display, the choice of language, the choice of units of measurement (mm or inches)
  • universal probe with built-in memory and stored calibration tables
  • possibility of saving a backup copy of calibrations in the device
  • increased accuracy and stable measurements

The cost of the device remained unchanged. Thus, you get a device with extended functional and operational characteristics at no additional cost.

Available Options:

  • Silicon Cover
  • Probe
  • Batteries
  • Charger

Standard Package:

  • Electronic unit
  • Probe
  • Plate
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Charger
  • Operating manual
  • Case


  • BS 1881, Part 204
  • DIN 1045
  • SN 505262
  • SS 78-B4


Range of measuring the thickness of the protective layer, mm 5-170
Controlled diameters, mm 6-50
Thickness measurement accuracy of the protective layer, mm (0,03 h + 0.5)
Measurement accuracy of the rebar diameter, mm Not regulated, depends on the testing object
Wireless connection with Android gadgets via Novotest Lab App No
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Russian
Overall dimensions, mm:
– electronic unit
– probe
– 122х76х36,5
– 200x50x35
Operating temperature, ° C -20 … +40 ° C
Power supply 2pcs AA batteries
Time of continuous work hours, not less 8
Weight of electronic unit with batteries, no more, kg 0.2
Package dimensions, cm 33*27*10
Package weight, kg 1.7


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