PHD Pro2 – Pinhole/ Holiday Detector Kit – Basic Kit (0.9kV – 30kV)


The PHD Pro2 caters for a variety of applications and the wide range of accessories and electrodes available allows the PHD Pro2 to adapt to specific testing requirements.

The PHD Pro2 is the result of an exhaustive research, development and design programme which brings the latest technology to the instrument along with a complete redesign of the user interface and a large multi-colour display; making navigating its menus easier than ever and the PHD Pro2 the safest, most intuitive and simple-to-use instrument Buckleys have made yet.

The PHD Pro2’s robust and fully-enclosed design comes with an IP65 rating and enables it to withstand the rigours of daily use in challenging environments with ease. These standards are pre-programmed and are provided for convenience. However, it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the correct settings are chosen for the intended application of this unit.


  • Output voltage range: 0.9kV – 30kV
  • Recommended coating thickness range (using NACE SP0274): Up to 14.4mm
  • Sensitivity threshold range: 10μA – 450μA (factory-set to 200μA)
  • Meter accuracy: <10kV: +/- 10V. >=10kV +/- 100V
  • Built-in test standards: NACE SP0274/NACE SP0490/ NACE SP0188/ ASTM D5162/ASTM G62/ISO 21809-2†
  • Unit: 1.64kg, 172 x 85 x 235mm
  • Handle: 720g, 290 x 85mm
  • Packed weight: 9.4kg
  • Packed dimensions: 580 x 440 x 250mm
  • Battery type: 4 x D-cell/LR20


Compact and portable

• Multi-colour display

• Simple scrolling menu navigation with 10 language options

• Visual and audible alarm with volume control

• Automatic output voltage selector via a range of standards

• Accurate sensitivity control

• IP65 ingress protection rating

• Robust aluminium outer casing

• One year back-to-base warranty

• CE and UKCA approved


Q: I cannot hear the alarm; can I turn it up?

A: Yes you can. Press the tick button and scroll down to “adjust volume”. Then select with “tick”. Use the up and down icons to adjust the volume. Then press “tick”.

Q: What do I use the pointed probe for?

A: This can be used to pinpoint an exact pinhole, and can test difficult/awkward areas such as corners, which other electrodes cannot reach.

Q: What membrane/ coating can I test?

A: Any non-conductive membrane up to the specified thickness your detector is able to test, provided the membrane or coating is non-conductive.

Q: The machine constantly ticks, is this indicating a fault?

A: No, this is a warning tick to let you know the unit is live and generating a voltage.

Q: My earth lead spade terminal has broken off, is it safe to use just the bare wire?

A: Yes it is. You can strip your earth lead back, twist it, place it through the hole on the earth terminal and tighten until secure. This will be replaced on your next calibration / service.

Q: Can I override the ‘ON’ button to keep the machine running constantly, without holding the button down?

A: Yes – Hold down the “green” button on the handle & the ‘X’ button on the unit simultaneously.  To return to the manual setting, push the the ‘green’ button on the handle or the “X” button on the unit.

Q: I have received an electric shock, why is this happening?

A: This may be due to:

  • A poor earth connection – ensure the detector is adequately earthed.
  • To determine an adequate earth, check by touching the electrode to another earth point.
  • A good earth will trigger the detector’s alarm. Ensure you wear the anti-static wristband.


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