Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges A1207 PENGAUGE


A revised model of the pocket-type thickness gauge combining usability and convenience with new functional capabilities.

The thickness gauge is enclosed into a one-piece case with a removable tip having a built-in changeable wearproof dual-crystal transducer with an operating frequency of 7 MHz. An additional single crystal transducer can be added to the delivery set on request.

The small diameter of the working surface of the transducer allows testing of corroded surface objects with the minimum radius of curvature from 10 mm.

The hot-pluggable built-in transducer can be easily replaced by the user by means of unscrewing the tip and detaching the transducer capsule from the instrument without extra tools.



Thickness measurement range (for steel) by dual-crystal and single-crystal transducers

0.8 to 50 mm / 0.02 to 2 inch

5 to 150 mm / 0.04 to 6 inch

Type and frequency of the changeable transducer

Standard: dual-crystal, 7 MHz

Optional: single-crystal, 5 MHz

Diameter of the working surface of the dual-crystal and single-crystal transducers

6 mm / 0.24 inch

8 mm / 0.31 inch

Discreteness of measurements representation

0.1, 0.01 mm

Basic measurement accuracy for thickness X, not more:

± (0.005Х + 0.1) mm

Measurement units

mm, inches


built-in LiPol rechargeable battery

Period of continuous operation of the instrument at positive temperatures

up to 16 hours

Operating temperature range

from -30 to +50 ˚С

Overall dimensions

130 х 30 х 20 mm


50 g

Dilivery Kit

  • Instrument with a built-in rechargeable battery
  • Dual-crystal transducer D1572 (10 MHz, dia 6 mm)
  • Calibration samples 5 mm and 25 mm
  • Сouplant
  • Power adapter & USB-cable
  • Finger lanyard


Express ultrasonic inspection of wall thickness of the boilers and vessels, hull plates and other objects made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as for ultrasonic thickness measurements of the small-diameter metal and plastic pipes (from 20 mm)

  • Hard shell carry case
  • Free App for iOS & Android
  • Optional: Single-crystal transducer S1573 (10 MHz, dia 8mm)



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