Digital Shore A Hardness Tester TIME®5430


Shore A hardness tester TIME®5430 is the first new generation digital durometer developed by Beijing TIME High Technology Ltd. It has the same outlook with the old durometer TIME5420 but totally different inner design. TIME®5430 adopts new LVDT displacement sensor and OLED screen. It is also added with USB interface and software. This shore hardness tester is suitable for measuring soft rubber, plastic, printer roller and other elastomers.


● It adopts LVDT displacement sensor, which is accurate and can work in harsh environment
●The OLED screen clearly shows the hardness value. Menu operation.
●Automatic Zero point calibration.
●Three work modes to meet varied testing requirements: real-time, peak-value-lock and timing-lock.
●In peak-value-lock mode, the instrument can automatically lock the peak hardness value.
●In timing-lock mode, set the timing from 1 to 60 seconds. It automatically starts timing and locks the measured value.
●In the lock modes, the upper and lower limits of the measured value can be preset, and a prompt is displayed when out of the limit,
which is convenient for batch detection. It can also calculate the average value and automatically removing gross errors.
●Store 200 average lock values.
●Optional software is offered to transfer the test data to PC via USB in the format of Microsoft Word or Excel.




Test scale available

Shore A


DIN53505,ASTM D2240,ISO 7619,JIS K7215


Hardness result, Average value,

Max value (Peak value lock), Battery indication

Data output


Measuring range




Display resolution


Power supply

Built in 3.7V rechargeable battery

Operating temperature


Continuous working time

20 hours

Dimensions (mm)

173×56 ×42

Weight (g)



Standard Delivery

Main unit  1 USB communication cable
Test block  1 Operation stand
Power adapter 1 Software
TIME certificate  1
Warranty card  1
Instruction manual  1



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