Ultrasonic Thicknees Gauge A1270 EMAT-HT


The EMA thickness gauge A1270 equipped with recently developed transducers possesses temperature resistant Arselon coating can couplant-free operate on extraordinary hot inspection objects providing accurate and reliable readings.


Measurement range Up to 200 mm
Operation frequency (with the transducer S7394) 3 MHz
Period of continuous operation of the instrument powered by the accumulator, no less than 9 h
Instrument-PC communication interface USB
Overall dimensions of the electronic unit, mm 190x87x40
Weight of the electronic unit, no more than 900 g


Typical applications of A1270 EMAT HT are:

  • Thickness measurement of hot (up to 800 degrees Celsius) steel pipes and steel objects, parts and nodes made of metals and alloys without the use of coupling liquid and without pretreatment of the surfaces.
  • Thickness measurement of hot (up to 800 degrees Celsius) metal objects through corrosive and paint coatings of up to 1.5 mm in thickness.

Delivery Kit

Name Quantity, pcs.
А1270 – EMA thickness gauge electronic unit 1
EMA transducer S7394 1
Rod-Housing Assembly MH730 1
Connector 2K-LEMO 00 1
Single LEMO 00 – LEMO 00 cable 2.5 m 1
Net adaptor with cable 220V-15V 1
USB A – Micro B cable 1
Hard case 1



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