Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo Tomography Systems A1040 Mira 3D


A1040 MIRA 3D is a low-frequency ultrasonic tomography system suitable for manual and automated assessment of concrete structures. Due to its novel A-DPC® sensor technology, the new MIRA provides unbeatable penetration depth, inspection sensitivity, and imaging resolution by implementing three-dimensional FMC / TFM in each instrument position.

The instrument consists of a lightweight body with 4 x 8 Active Dry-Point-Contact transducers with integrated pulser-receiver circuits and parallel DAQ electronics wirelessly connected to the powerful smartphone that implements image reconstruction and visualization algorithms by means of parallel graphic processor units on-board. This hardware solution allows achieving the highest performance for real-time 3D-TFM imaging.

With special transmitting techniques such as E-Boosting, an outstanding penetration depth has been achieved even by using the instrument’s relatively small active aperture. Although, for additional extension of the inspection range arbitrary aperture extension can be utilized by two and more array units in one configuration.

MIRA NEO DESKTOP software for remote unit control and 3D visualization & analysis of Big Data is an essential part of the instrument delivered in the standard delivery set. The open data format for customized developments by the user – for offline and online applications – completes the functional package of this extraordinary instrument.


The ultrasonic tomograph A1040 MIRA 3D is the best solution for ultrasonic testing of highly scattering materials, such us concrete and reinforced concrete, stones, rock, composites, ceramics, wood, epoxy, refractory materials. Among others, following main applications can be mentioned as application fields of the instrument:

  • Localization of reinforcement rebars and other elements (tendon ducts, anchors, hollow pipes, cables, hollow pipes), also beyond of rebar layers
  • Detection of material voids, estimation of their position and size in 3D: cavities, inclusions, honeycombs, cracks
  • Thickness measurement by one-side access
  • Detection of grouting defects in tendon ducts and grouting couplers
  • Assessment of fireproof stones


Parameter Value
Instrument type Multi-channel ultrasonic pulse echo tomograph with built-in matrix transducer array
Number of channels 32 (extendable to 64, 96 etc.)
Number of independent elements in the matrix transducer aperture 32 (extendable to 64, 96 etc.)
Type of the ultrasonic transducers Active dry point contact (A-DPC) transducers with ceramic wear proof tips and integrated pulser-receiver electronics
Bandwidth from 10 to 100 kHz
Material sound velocity range from 1.000 to 4.000 m/s (from 40 to 157 inches / s)
Maximum penetration depth in reinforced concrete up to 3.000 mm (118 inch)
Power supply Exchangeable Li-Ion battery 18650
Battery operation time up to 10 hours
Maximum dimensions of one unit without handles: 200x125x100 mm (7,9 x 4,9 x 3,9 inch)
Maximum weight of the electronic unit with the batteries, handles and tablet PC mounted 3.5 kg
Operating conditions:
air temperature range from -10 to + 50 С (from 14 to 122F)
relative air humidity at +35С / 95F, max. 95 %
Average service life, min. 5 years

Delivery Kit

Item Quantity, pcs.
Electronic unit A1040 MIRA 3D with 32 x A-DPC® transducers 1
Tablet-PC with protective case 1
Reference block for regular functional tests 1
Exchangeable Li-Ion battery 18650 6
Type C power supply 2
Data cable USB Type C 2
INTROVIEW® Pro Software with 12 Months Update & Support service 1
Hard case 1
Warranty certificate 1
Operating Manual 1
Screwdriver for battery exchange 2



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